Born in a sweaty Brooklyn kitchen during the fever pitch of an Alaskan Governor’s run on the White House, Radar Fiction has yet to cool down.  While the stage antics may have simmered a bit from the smashed mic stands and torn clothing of 2010, the band has been strong enough and smart enough to channel that desperate energy more deeply into their performances and more honestly into their offering.  Which is to say the shows are better than ever—even if you’re not as likely to see Vonn escorted from the club by security. The song writing continues to evolve and the band is looking forward to recording their first full length LP this autumn to be followed by regional touring in the North East throughout the fall and winter.

RADAR FICTION is Mick Vonn (vocals), J. Wise (guitar), Mick Simone (guitar), James Steady (drums), and D. Kade (bass). The band has released two EPs, (2009) and DANGER LADY (2010)

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