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Brief excerpts from our literary journal:

“Dancing is about the line of your body, she once told me. Not choppy little segments, but a fluid line. One that you imagine stretches to infinity. ” – Karissa Chen

“Everyday may not be a party, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. What do you want? Try-P will give it to you!”- Matthew D’Abate

“She thought the idea exploded like a gunshot, sound and flash, the words booming along. I’m going to the house. Burn Dad’s poems.” – Eric Kingrea

“Exhaustion overtook me. The smell of death lingering on the man’s words was too much and I took a seat right there on the concrete floor.” – William Martin

“Sleep is another form appropriated by that luxuriating sin – sloth.” – Neptune Zugzwa

“Word of resistance to the contagion spread as quickly as the denial had spread initially, and the underground gossip line was ripe with explosive chatter of an effort to clean up the disaster of the city.” – Bradley Spinelli

“She would masturbate alone and I would sit beside her and cut at myself with the knife, popping out the chips efficiently.” – Christopher Turck

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