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Buy your own limited edition copy of  Le Chat Noir’s 2011 literary journal “Drinking With Papa Legba”. $12.00 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling Brief excerpts from our literary journal: “Dancing is about the line of your body, she once told me. Not choppy little segments, but a fluid line. One that you imagine stretches to …

Photo by DB Leonard

Christopher North

Christopher North has composed original music and score for three of Tchula Junction films, “CUT” (2010), “Werewolf” (2011), and “S&M” (2011). He is composing the Original Score for “THEM”, Summer 2012! For more info, go here.  



Born in a sweaty Brooklyn kitchen during the fever pitch of an Alaskan Governor’s run on the White House, Radar Fiction has yet to cool down.  While the stage antics may have simmered a bit from the smashed mic stands and torn clothing of 2010, the band has been strong enough and smart enough to …