Christopher North

Christopher North has composed original music and score for three of Tchula Junction films, “CUT” (2010), “Werewolf” (2011), and “S&M” (2011). He is composing the Original Score for “THEM”, Summer 2012! For more info, go here.  


Born in a sweaty Brooklyn kitchen during the fever pitch of an Alaskan Governor’s run on the White House, Radar Fiction has yet to cool down.  While the stage antics may have simmered a bit from the smashed mic stands and torn clothing of 2010, the band has been strong enough and smart enough to …

Madam Trashy

Madam Trashy playing the premiere screening of Tchula Junction’s film “Werewolf” (2011) at Public Assembly, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To listen to their music go here.


SHAG’s products are affordable, unique pieces of art that enhance intimacy & make you feel SEXY! Evoking old Hollywood charm with a modern twist, SHAG … a “sexy shop” unites sex & art by creating an environment that is inviting, playful, and open to all. At the most basic level, SHAG is a retail store and fine art gallery – offering …